Friday, January 1, 2010

The Different Types of Colon Cleanse System

Nowadays, it has been a common routine for people to eat in fast food chains, especially those who are always in a rush to go somewhere or finish something. But these foods that we eat in fast food chains are contributing further to the toxins that are accumulating on our body. It is now becoming rather important that we flush out these toxins, preferably using a natural colon cleanse system.

Natural or organic cleansing kits, compare to synthetic cleansing supplements like laxatives, are more suitable to the human body. There are a wide variety of organic cleansing kits in the market that you can choose from. Organic colon cleanser usually consists of ingredients like dandelion root, psyllium husks, licorice root and acai berry.

Colon cleansing enhances the digestion process. The digestion of food particles is the cooperation of mechanical and chemical process of transforming food into molecular level that will be absorbed by the body. The colon cleanse system will help revitalize the functions of the stomach, pancreas, liver, intestines and the colon.

Even though there are common natural methods of colon cleansing like drinking salt water, it is not as effective as using organic products such as as licorice root, whole grains and acai berries. These organic products are consisting of natural herbs that assist in removing the harmful toxins that resides in the body.

One of the best sources of fiber is flax seeds. It is available by the pound and can be grinded and then mix into your daily oatmeal. In addition, you can also obtain sufficient amount of omega 9 and omega 3 acids that are very important to the body since it improves the vigor of the heart and the skin.

Another supplementary fiber that you can use is the Sultana Raisins. The raisins are steamed in a quart of boiling water. Let it boil for an hour then filter. You can acquire Sultana raisins in any local health store and by ordering online.

During the colon cleansing system, you can also use a Senna herb as a supplement.
Senna herb of about 10 ounce is boiled in a quart of water for thirty miou aso have the option to mix the Senna herb with the Sultana raisins and add a rose-hip extract.

The uses of synthetic and over the counter colon cleansers are not suggested for the reason that most of them are unsafe. They are generally cheap but their effectiveness are in question. A colon cleansing procedure that uses elements that can help you go through a complete detoxification are quite necessary to some people.

There is also the oxygen-based colon cleanser that is suitable for people who believe that their colon is okay but would experience constipation every now and then. For those who has encounter indigestion and not constipation, it is advisable to apply enema or colonic cleansers. But to acquire great results, organic products are still the best products to use.
Even if there are a lot of colon cleanse system available, bear in mind that we can lessen the use of these processes. This is because the colon cleansing is already a natural process that the body does automatically. We can easily help maintain a clean colon by doing alternative health care like:

1.Decrease the amount of processed foods, fried stuff, white flour products, and refined sugar that you take daily.
2. Increase the water you drink.
3. Always have adequate rest and plenty of sleep.
4. Carry out regular exercises.
5. Perform meditation
6. Foot reflexology

Friday, December 25, 2009

Colon Cleansing System

As early as the ancient Greeks, colon cleansing system has been a part of the natural practices and tradition. In 1920’s, colon cleansing using fruit and colon irrigation became popular in the United States.

But what really is the importance of colon cleansing and is it safe to practice it?

The colon cleansing system can be categorized into two methods. The first one is the use of colon cleansing products. The second one includes a professional that will administer the colon cleansing method.

The use of colon cleansing products requires you to take supplements. This will force your colon to flush out the fecal matters. These products are available in local health stores and can also be ordered online. The following are samples of these products:

1. Laxatives
2. Oxygen powders
3. Capsules
4. Enemas
5. Herbal teas

It is highly recommended that you use organic and natural products like licorice root, psyllium husk and flax seeds to rinse, revitalize and supplement the digestion process.Use of natural and organic products helps in stimulating the muscle activity and regularization of bowel movements. This is important so that the colon can digest and absorb nutrients as well as condition the colon to have smooth flushing out of fecal wastes.

Another way of colon cleansing is high colonics. In 1900, the first machine to be used in this method was introduced. Nowadays, it is the colon therapists that are licensed to administer colon irrigation. This certain method is quite like the method of enema. However, high colonics involves more water and is less painful than enema. The process starts by asking you to lie down on a table. Then, a gravity-pump machine is use to flush up at least 15 gallons of water to your anus.

Water is administered in the colon as the therapist lightly massages your abdomen area to assist the body in flushing out the fecal wastes. The therapy session is repeated for at least an hour.

Water is necessary in order to be able to flush out the toxins and fecal matters that had been accumulated. Water should be sufficient enough so that the colon can get rid of the unwanted matters. The colon cleansing system will have a better result if you keep drinking water. The more water you drink, the more fecal wastes are going to be flush out of your body.

The colon therapists vary the pressures and temperature of the water being pump in. Some alternatives for water can be fruit enzymes, coffee and other herbs. Probiotics are recommended to revitalize the good bacteria that are flushed out during the process.

Colon cleansing has been practiced dating back to ancient times. The proof of this is autointoxication. It suggested the theory that the undigested food will be mounting up on the colon. This buildup will now produce toxic matters that will poison the whole system if it ever flows in the blood vessels.

The theory actually makes sense. The toxins are poisonous and even fatal if it is reabsorbed by the body.

How would you know if there are wastes building up on your colon? Some symptoms include constipation, acne, bad breath, headaches and loss of energy. The accumulation of wastes that can be reabsorbed by the body is dangerous and can lead up to a fatal condition such as the colon cancer.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

What To Eat While Undergoing A Colon Cleanse System

A colon cleanse system is not only helpful for weight lose programs, but also in trying to regain good health. However, our propensity to eat junk foods is detrimental to our cleansing goal, as “junk” is what we are trying to cleanse ourselves of in the first place. The whole colon cleansing procedure is a process, and eating unhealthy foods can interrupt the whole method, aside from causing stomach aches, muscle spasms, and lethargy.

Junk or unhealthy foods do nothing to cleanse your colons. On the contrary, they clog and irritate you colon, and generally be harmful for your body.

Healthy foods are generally light and will be easy to digest. Our body will then have more energy to utilize to break down and extinguish wastes in our system. Most of us couldn’t tell what is good for our body and what isn’t. Here is a short list that we can easily follow:

1. Fresh fruit and vegetable juices

Juice extracts from fruits and vegetables are generally good for our colon, as there is no pulp to be processed and nutrients are quickly and directly taken in by our system. This increases our body’s energy for cleansing and washing out more fecal wastes. We will feel refreshed and rejuvenated when the enzymes from the fresh juices start working on our body.

The enzymes also help our body get rid of the processed refined sugar that we consume. Fructose does not undergo digestion and we are likely to gain weight from these.

Just make sure that what you are taking is fresh juices, and not bottled ones. The fruit enzymes are dead in these bottled juices, so they are not as nearly helpful.

2. Fruits

Fresh fruits themselves are nature’s cleansers which aid in our body’s cleansing process. Since our body is more likely to perform its natural cleansing in the morning, it is best to always have fresh fruits as part of our breakfast.

3. Vegetables

Vegetables are also great body cleansers, but we must learn how to properly take it. Raw vegetables, or vegetable salads, are best taken during lunch time. Around this time of day, our digestive enzymes are at its peak. If we decide to eat vegetables during our evening meals, then take slightly cooked vegetable dishes. We must much our natural digestive cycles with what we eat so we can maximize the benefits we get from dietary foods.

4. Grains

Rice, quinoa, amaranth, and flax seeds are the healthy grains that works excellently to cleanse our colon. When undergoing a colon cleanse system, we shouldn’t eat pasta as it will interrupt our rejuvenating process. Grains slow down our body’s ability to digest. This means that the more we eat grains, the slower and more effective our natural cleansing will be.

5. Meat

We should continue to eat meat such as red meat, turkey, chicken, or even fish. Even though they are harder to digest and are not as effective cleansers, we still need the nutrients we can derive from it.

Remember that a colon cleanse system is just an additional help for our body. More importantly, we need to develop our body’s natural colon cleansing system by eating the right types of foods.