Friday, January 1, 2010

The Different Types of Colon Cleanse System

Nowadays, it has been a common routine for people to eat in fast food chains, especially those who are always in a rush to go somewhere or finish something. But these foods that we eat in fast food chains are contributing further to the toxins that are accumulating on our body. It is now becoming rather important that we flush out these toxins, preferably using a natural colon cleanse system.

Natural or organic cleansing kits, compare to synthetic cleansing supplements like laxatives, are more suitable to the human body. There are a wide variety of organic cleansing kits in the market that you can choose from. Organic colon cleanser usually consists of ingredients like dandelion root, psyllium husks, licorice root and acai berry.

Colon cleansing enhances the digestion process. The digestion of food particles is the cooperation of mechanical and chemical process of transforming food into molecular level that will be absorbed by the body. The colon cleanse system will help revitalize the functions of the stomach, pancreas, liver, intestines and the colon.

Even though there are common natural methods of colon cleansing like drinking salt water, it is not as effective as using organic products such as as licorice root, whole grains and acai berries. These organic products are consisting of natural herbs that assist in removing the harmful toxins that resides in the body.

One of the best sources of fiber is flax seeds. It is available by the pound and can be grinded and then mix into your daily oatmeal. In addition, you can also obtain sufficient amount of omega 9 and omega 3 acids that are very important to the body since it improves the vigor of the heart and the skin.

Another supplementary fiber that you can use is the Sultana Raisins. The raisins are steamed in a quart of boiling water. Let it boil for an hour then filter. You can acquire Sultana raisins in any local health store and by ordering online.

During the colon cleansing system, you can also use a Senna herb as a supplement.
Senna herb of about 10 ounce is boiled in a quart of water for thirty miou aso have the option to mix the Senna herb with the Sultana raisins and add a rose-hip extract.

The uses of synthetic and over the counter colon cleansers are not suggested for the reason that most of them are unsafe. They are generally cheap but their effectiveness are in question. A colon cleansing procedure that uses elements that can help you go through a complete detoxification are quite necessary to some people.

There is also the oxygen-based colon cleanser that is suitable for people who believe that their colon is okay but would experience constipation every now and then. For those who has encounter indigestion and not constipation, it is advisable to apply enema or colonic cleansers. But to acquire great results, organic products are still the best products to use.
Even if there are a lot of colon cleanse system available, bear in mind that we can lessen the use of these processes. This is because the colon cleansing is already a natural process that the body does automatically. We can easily help maintain a clean colon by doing alternative health care like:

1.Decrease the amount of processed foods, fried stuff, white flour products, and refined sugar that you take daily.
2. Increase the water you drink.
3. Always have adequate rest and plenty of sleep.
4. Carry out regular exercises.
5. Perform meditation
6. Foot reflexology