Wednesday, November 4, 2009

What To Eat While Undergoing A Colon Cleanse System

A colon cleanse system is not only helpful for weight lose programs, but also in trying to regain good health. However, our propensity to eat junk foods is detrimental to our cleansing goal, as “junk” is what we are trying to cleanse ourselves of in the first place. The whole colon cleansing procedure is a process, and eating unhealthy foods can interrupt the whole method, aside from causing stomach aches, muscle spasms, and lethargy.

Junk or unhealthy foods do nothing to cleanse your colons. On the contrary, they clog and irritate you colon, and generally be harmful for your body.

Healthy foods are generally light and will be easy to digest. Our body will then have more energy to utilize to break down and extinguish wastes in our system. Most of us couldn’t tell what is good for our body and what isn’t. Here is a short list that we can easily follow:

1. Fresh fruit and vegetable juices

Juice extracts from fruits and vegetables are generally good for our colon, as there is no pulp to be processed and nutrients are quickly and directly taken in by our system. This increases our body’s energy for cleansing and washing out more fecal wastes. We will feel refreshed and rejuvenated when the enzymes from the fresh juices start working on our body.

The enzymes also help our body get rid of the processed refined sugar that we consume. Fructose does not undergo digestion and we are likely to gain weight from these.

Just make sure that what you are taking is fresh juices, and not bottled ones. The fruit enzymes are dead in these bottled juices, so they are not as nearly helpful.

2. Fruits

Fresh fruits themselves are nature’s cleansers which aid in our body’s cleansing process. Since our body is more likely to perform its natural cleansing in the morning, it is best to always have fresh fruits as part of our breakfast.

3. Vegetables

Vegetables are also great body cleansers, but we must learn how to properly take it. Raw vegetables, or vegetable salads, are best taken during lunch time. Around this time of day, our digestive enzymes are at its peak. If we decide to eat vegetables during our evening meals, then take slightly cooked vegetable dishes. We must much our natural digestive cycles with what we eat so we can maximize the benefits we get from dietary foods.

4. Grains

Rice, quinoa, amaranth, and flax seeds are the healthy grains that works excellently to cleanse our colon. When undergoing a colon cleanse system, we shouldn’t eat pasta as it will interrupt our rejuvenating process. Grains slow down our body’s ability to digest. This means that the more we eat grains, the slower and more effective our natural cleansing will be.

5. Meat

We should continue to eat meat such as red meat, turkey, chicken, or even fish. Even though they are harder to digest and are not as effective cleansers, we still need the nutrients we can derive from it.

Remember that a colon cleanse system is just an additional help for our body. More importantly, we need to develop our body’s natural colon cleansing system by eating the right types of foods.